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Aquaponics for Beginners
By Colle and Phyllis Davis

There are literally millions of pages on the Internet about the topic of aquaponics.


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In addition to the our aquaponic’s course (which which includes a Portable Farms® Kit) here is the full cost breakdown of a backyard aquaponics system: READ ON . . . 

  • Greenhouse: Must be able to keep the interior temperature between 40 and 104° F. The costs are dependent on your choice of design
  • Wooden or concrete floor/slab – from $100 to $300
  • Insulated stem wall to set the greenhouse on top of for more height – 2×4’s and plywood – $250 to $350
  • Fish tank – sometimes known of as a livestock watering trough  – $150
  • Lumber for the Grow Tray – 2×4’s, 2×6’s, plywood, etc – between $800 and $1,200
  • PVC pipe and fittings  – $100
  • Misc – $250

This 16′ x 33′ Portable Farms Aquaponics System will feed ten people
their table vegetables and also,
a weekly servings of fish (tilapia) FOREVER.

The entire Portable Farms® Aquaponics System Course©, Sections A-Z, must be satisfactorily completed within 12 months from the date of enrollment in order to qualify for graduation or the Portable Farms® Kit.

Read the outline to our entire  Portable Farms® Aquaponics System Course© at Aquaponics University: CLICK HERE.

To size it properly, use the formula for a highly efficient aquaponics system (think Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems) of 25 sq ft of grow space which is necessary for each adult. This ‘small acreage’ will feed that adult all of their surface vegetables year round forever and provide a source of protein: fish.

This is the same 16′ x 33′ greenhouse (shown above)
a few weeks after the installation was complete. 

Aquaponics with Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems 

 EMAIL us if you want the solar version of the Portable Farms® Kit.  It’s the same price.

CLICK HERE TO READ Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems Online Course© that includes a Portable Farms® Kit.

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