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Community Aquaponics: A Good Investment

Community Aquaponics: A Good Investment
– by Colle and Phyllis Davis

In today’s economy, smart investors are looking for the ‘next wave’ of ideas, technologies, and business-trends to carry them off the bottom and into the bright light of profit.

greenhouse largeCan you invest in a community business that:

  • Employs local semi-skilled workers
  • Sells all of its production locally to an expanding, affluent population
  • Produces the highest quality products available anywhere in the world
  • Requires no shipping
  • Uses minimal electricity (can be solar powered)
  • Requires only a small amount of land-space (even a half-acre is enough)
  • Consumes very little precious water?

Aquaponics is based on a proven technology that has over 4,700 years of history and yet is the most modern system of its type in the world. The commercialization of this technology as a commercial business is in its infancy and YET few investors realize the incredible long range cash flow possibilities. 

portable-farms-trellis-tomatoesThere is also an amazing upside to this business investment:

  • The second Unit costs 20% less than the initial Unit and pays out at the same rate which means it takes less than four years to recoup the investment, even after paying for everything except land cost.
  • The third Unit costs slightly less and the ROI gets even better. Somewhere around the seventh or eighth Unit the initial cost per Unit levels out. At that point the ROI for the overall investment is approximately three years.





Do we have your attention yet? Let’s make this investment even sweeter.

Your territory is totally protected. You own the rights to sell, build and operate as many of the Units in your territory as you want, no increase in technology costs only a small annual renewal fee. You can sell and build Units for other people to make even more money from owning the business.

Okay, what’s the catch? You have to qualify by being in business for at least ten years, owning or having a strong relationship with an established construction company, pay the fees on the front end (think McDonald’s type requirements), take some training, have a small plot of level land available (2,000m2 is plenty to start) with electricity and water available, have at least three business and two banking reference that are verifiable and be very excited about being the first in your area with the newest technology to fulfill all of the benefits above.  Ready?

PFAS LLC. is now offering the Portable Farms® Aquaponics Systems to those who want to be PFAS Technology License Holders in selected territories and countries around the world. These territories are only available to qualified investor. The territories are defined by the potential License Holder and the company, and are flexible. Territories normally encompass approximately three-million people and can be larger. Country Licenses cover entire countries. There is also what is called a ‘Site License’ for individual installations, but these are severely restricted and not protected as to territory.